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> tonight on "worldfocus" -- president obama and chinese president pledge to tackle global challenges together, but w muress didh really make? wel analyze thecritical and complex retionship between these two nations. in the czech republic, a day to emember. the start of th velvet revotion 20 years ago. that country. was toppled in and isra's high tech revoluon. the first of thre "signature" storiecouny this week. from the world's leading reporters and analts, here's what's hapning from around the rld. this is orldfocus." majosupport has en pvided
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by rosalinp. walter and the peter g. petersofoundation, dedited to promoting fiscal respsibility and addressing key economic challengefacing america's re. antional fovided by the folling supporters -- llo and good evening. i'm daljit dhawal. yo sense of why today's meeting betwn present obama and chinese president hu jintao was important, the two countries together accoun for almo one-quarter ofhe world's population. china, ocourse, is far lger aosfour times as many people. and as it sees its economic power grow, so too do its influence onther global issues. its coverage of today's meetg, "the new york tis" noted e range of issues on whic the united state was asking for china's help.
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somethinthat might have been thinkable, it sa,efore the united states became embroiled in two wars a bfore the u. onomy was hbbled bythe global financialrisis that began on ishores. those issu inclu the wde trade ga between the two countries, redung greenhouse gas emiions, as well as iran and its nuclear program. prident obama alsobrgh up with the dai lama,he a exiled leader of tibet. beyond a show of goodill and a prome to work o big issues, no breakthrous were reported. but in tonight's "leadfocus," we wt to show you how the issue was cvered by theenglish language cnnel of chinese ate television. >> reporter: presint hu jintao has met with barack obama in beijing. they haveledged fortronger cooperion and to findore mm ground deite their
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differces. their discusons also focused on global challengesndhe wod economy has a solid recove. >> ts is the third formal meetingetween pesident ji andao barack obama this year th the interests of e world'sargesteveloping and develed nations. the two countries have enyed success inheir cooperation over the pas 30 years. the relationship g off to a positive srt afterthe u.s. preside president. oba aimed to fulfill his commments to work with the rest o the rld. china being the largest holder of u.s. dt and one of the only nation that has not been severely affected by the global economic dowurn is a country that washington increasingly looks tofor cooperation. the keissue was how the two countries coulagree on terms that would pus t pace of
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development forward afte emerging from thr meeting, theyeleased concrete agreemts. >> we both ree to develop a strategic long-term perspecti in dialogue a exchange as working together to a positive, cooperative and coreh. retionship. >> theajor challenges of e 21st centu fromlite change to nuclear proliferation, to economic recove, there are challenges tt touch both our tions and challenges that neitr of our nation can solve by acting alone. >>r: the tworesidents al decided to deepenigh leve exchanges to better promot understanng, to take resolute actionsin cuttg emsions and to develop stronger cultural ties. th also iues of ade disput and human rights. >> as we'v just heard, presidt obama and the chinese leader hu jintao expreed their desire f a strongerolitical relationship, yet e two countries are already linked economallyth the cnese
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acally providing much of moy on whichhe u.s. governnt ns. that h iplatio not only for the u.s. economy but also for amican itic joining us for a closer lok at ur rs,arcus ry,lationship, tof einteationabusiness editor of "thnew york times," and robefarzad, a senior writer with "business week." good to see bth ofou again. welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> as china becomes mor portant economically to the s,o concvable thatt bcomes sort iluential potically on the day-to-day busine of how the u.s goverents run? >> i think we're a ways aw from that reality. there's no question,though, that over time, ashinaold ts pot s estated $2 assets, they ve morendore poweon the global they are the emeingmarket, th a the comtitor to the
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u.s., soon they will overke japan. there's natural frin ther between the u.s. wch the largest debtor nation and china, which is itsarst credit what abt u, ron?>> i do think extensionf theonship a almost inevitable. marcus talks abouthetrillions of dollars that the chinese are lending the uned states. and they, like any other investor, are worriedbout the heirstntste ofif iflatio is he n the ed states, if we're watering dn or debasine dollar, thr easuri willbe worth less. naturally th're looking int aggressive t price tag will be onealth care reform. evenhis week we're hearing mblings about them loking intour afghistan policy. this is what y do with a creditor. you look into the status of your borrow's credit. >>t's only natural they shld be concerned about where their money is going?
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>> of course >> andthe value oft money. itould w be a real measure of the waning american power obally is if chinaacally starts to have a say or even influenc say whatthe united stat decides to do on the ound in afghanist, how many troops go, how much mey is d oftswnreasure and its own blood to some xtent, one will argue, in afghanistan. a stragiccisions affect national security direcy start toe inflnced byamerica's finaial relationshi china, then ihink that is the waning of t amerin supeower. >> dyothink th this is something at could end u enflunsi the desionsf anistan? >> yesindeed china alrey has more o u.s. licy vis-ais irannd u.s. poli towards north kor. china is the cef obstacle but potentially simultaneously, chief facilitator for better or orse, we haveo go thrgh ina. chinaas that security uncil vote and the fact that this is happing in ghistan albei
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indirectly, made asto wa ariatns op poliowa afghistan. it'sjust a round-abt way of affecting u.s. feign policy in a y that i think china already ha outside influence. just in turning the rner backo the ecomics a little veng we've been ingtories dent obama's trip, coutorkrse asia. one of the items thawe ran yeerday looked at chi's growg influence around th world basically. it's in africa, a story about its influence in israel, s on and rth. you think that this sort of rplayed or are t fat of the united states and china csely ntertwined now? i think there' a difference beeen ina's veto power that goes from it being a permanent member of the srityouncil anitonomicpowe i thk entually we will get tohat point wheret does more dictly. to answer that last queson, there is a chine threat that's often discussed in american - in thehalls of aricanpower.
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i thk it can be overstated. it is ivitabl when you have two great powers, e that is relatively -- in decline, the united states, one that's relatively on the ascensio china, there will b points of friction throughout the wor. as ameca is chalnged by chinover and over again. africang t gates example, y will see these areas inhich there is gog to be conflict. hopelly it will always be resolved peacefully an politicay. >> there arelways issues of mi't there, wther chinese intellectual propey righ, issues aut piracy, then keeng their currency valued, depressed how do we get around those issues mistrust? >> basicuestion is what sing pillar de u.s./china retis more tanhi? could b climate change rght now, wre theona fide necessily isn't been set china doesn't want biing caps of carbon emissions. itoulde foreign policy, it cod be ll thenited stat
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is going to spend itsntire china capal wad t an/north korea issue >> but tre are also concerns that some would say that china don't play by the rules of the inteational system. so nowow do you address that? that is a phenomenal question kind o grapple wit isn't it'sncredibly difficult address. it'sot going to g any easier because china wil get creasinglymportantnd its footprint increasingly lar. pi my partner d i are expecting kids. we want a mandarin speaking nanny. becausese will be theost widely spoken language byhe time they graduate. china is too big to fail. >> thank you vermuch for joining us >> thank you. >> thank you. in the talks betwe president ama and the chines idt, clite cnge was also hign the nda. today in nearby south kea, the gornment there made a dratic announcement regaing global warming. it pledged tout harmful
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greenhouseas emissns by 30% fr expected2020lels thou it is no quired to do so der the ko protocol. over the pt year, the president of south korea has billed green growth as vita to that cotry's onomicfuture. moreon the future of gre th ad e, edy emm dunc,eputy editor of "the economist ", and sh joinssrom washgton. ank you very much for being with >> you're welcome. >> heeconomt" is hosting a conference ts week i waington, d.c. on climatwhat ar opunities forreen business bo here an abroa >> l,wel the opportunities fo business a really created by gornment. governments need to put in pla policihat make more exnsive fo business to produce sturdy proct a sturdy ocesses a met
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more advantageoufor them to go the clean route. >> how are we doing going towards the meeting in copenhagenn dmark next mth tmsofhe poly issues that the united states is tting out and t kind of exame that itould like to set for other big -- to major polluters? >> it's a really interesting mont in the senses th the bes o timesand the worst of times forhe global efforts to avert serious climat ange. in asense, is a fantastical propitious moment. we've got seriousommitments fr eure. as you mentioned, om south rea, from vario middle income untries. china appear to at last taking thessue seriousl india is moving in that direion. we'veot an american presidt o onally committed to deral carboncurbs. and yet it's very fragile in
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other ways. the money h been flowing away from rather tha to clner pruc and processes. that partly the result of the crit crisis. but also don't know what's going to happen with ameran legislation. and american legislation is crucial the global eort. inerms of putting ou ogh use in orde theegislation to one d just in term of the messagesnd the signal tha we're sendg out to t rest of the global, are th adoptg a wait and see attitude here? the rest t wld to so extent adti a wa a see. or much ofhe rst of the world is adopting a more of a if you'll dt, we'll do it approach. europeas made serious commitment and other countrs have done so o onge d , but i a doesn't srt to cutts carbon
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emsions radically, then inevitably whole global effort will unravel. >> emm duncathk you very jniu >>nk you. >> with tat in mind, we would likeo get your thougs. tonight's question -- i th unit states laggingoo far behind other countries in developing renewable energy sources d businesses? you can tell us what u think by goitothe "how you seeit seioof oure as thisntry cou waits for present oba's decisionn deploying more oops to afghistan, the british gornment is providing new insights io how it sees the next phasef t second large forcinfghanisn after the united states and ime minister
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re oops if afghanist'ssed 500 governmentcts against at t se me,ith the british pub el agai e war, brn is now talking about an intnational conference eaex year to lay the groundwork for an exi rategy. >> it shoul identify a process r transferring district by stri to fol afghan control. and if possible we should set a timetable for transferring diricts to afghan control stting next year in 201 >> for his pa, e brith reign secrarysaid toyhe st majority of taliban fighters are not mmitted to what he called a global jihad. and he said tat they should be reintegrated io afan ety. he said polical solution for afghann wi have to include senior taliban cmanders in the gornment. oe reingration gains momentum and the insurgency
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starts to fray or crumble, we will need to support preside karzai in rehing out to those high level commanders tha can be persuaded to renounce al qaeda and pursue the gals peaceful within the constitutional framewo. >> also from europe toda a story at isn't gettin much atntion in ts untry. this was t 20th anniversy of the so-called velvet revolution czechoslakia the start the protts that led to thefall ofcounm there, a week or so after the fall of th berlin ll. s ta lok at how rmy's deutsche welle reported on today' annersary. >>eporter: commemoting t events of 20 years ago a the spot wre ty took place, the czech esen honors the young people wse march turned into a movement for docratic reform and changed coursef ralatohethk baives me a feeling of d of communism in our countr
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but it's also tinged with sadns for every sngle person who had to put their life at sk in pursuit of the cause >> reporter:herotestben peacefly onovember 17h, 89. 15,000 student took to the streets of central prague. they hd their ground, despite e strong polic presence. a standoff ensd. the czechoslovaanegime los its pienc theolice wered or toerd break up the protests. 600 people we jured. sue police rackdownalvaniz fo protests. th days, hundreds of thousands had joined in. theommunist reme bowed to the demands of t civic for, thdissident movement led by vaclav vel. he becam the country's president just weeks r and echoakia's fir free elections in 40 years followed
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soon afterwards. >> that reporty deutsche welle. to theiddle east now were israel's government has approved thbuilding of 900 homesfor jewish settlersn mostly arab st jerusalem. the move is likely to further complicate efforts to get israel and the palesnians to resume peace talks. the settment in question already ha 40,000 jewish sidents. the u.s. state department said it was dismayed by today decision a id at time when w are working to relaunch negotiations, these acons make it more difficult for our efforts to succeed. isra's perceid threat from iranrew new warning prime nistenjamin netanyahu toy about iran's nuclear program. netanyahu madehe warning aft touring an iaeli submare that iselieved to be capable of caringissile with nuclear warheads. as f the belief by ielhat 's nucleargr design to build weaps,
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netaahu spoke of that treat today. translator: the threat that iran poses is very gve for the state of israel. for peace in the middle ea and the whole world. without any doubt,e are the first target but n t l >> iran maintainshat its ear ogram is for peeful purposes. on another issue, iran's me reporteday that t vernnt has sennced five people to dea for their roles ded presential st ecti. department calls themembers of terrorist and armed oppositio groups. three other pele received deh sentences previous > in tonight's "signature" story, part one of a e-pare rieshis wee life in israel.
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tonight, something that you ght not have been aware of. th highech industry has become the backbone of iael's economy. and it's que possiblehat the oadband conntion in yo in thicountrs made possiblen part bnisel compan "w ldcus" correspondent martin himle takes a look at what has become the silicon vallf the middle east cluding one all townhat has become aenter of riving indusy. >> reporter: acentur ago farmcollecves. es scitists considered the neisraeli pione, pusng thbounda ocutting ge tenology. is is the-founder of ppergate. father whoived in isrel his from the nazideath cam. >>building the couny. i seeew high-tech in israel continuo of wh it is, a new
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way of building irael and making it stronger and me successful. >> reporter: coppergateas succded in breakg what is known among engeers as the last copper mile. thepper barerr phone and electricitwires in ouromes whicare too small carry and hey data signals. coppergate's hpna chips have broken that barrier cutting expensive cabl costs for mes. >> what we're doing is we're passing a huge aouf d a t ormation ove aimpltwwi telepne line. >> reporter: at&t, cisco and morola are employing the system in er a million homes throughout the u.s. ppte is one of ry nth. high-th sagas here. american corporate giants like microsoft, intel and motorola ve invested billions into r&d centers in israel pitalize onhe cativity of many andntisds of israel engineers
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07, 46% of isra's $34 billion inndusial exports came from high tech. >> it represts such a large proporti of gdp, a large proportiof export, at e'sueion tat i's e single bgest ftor in dring the economy insrael and acally the ngle ggest factor in actually keeping israel stron reporter: and it's not jt a matter of econocs. it isalso a mte of feyle. mar hold a private concfor i emplees with a promine israelban gh-tech emoys feel they havetmade. ny are young earning erican-level salaries, wking hard, but al lng bter teri tn the geneon erare now thousands of stt-ups and matu high-tech companies he. an many of them have establishedabs and plantsin isolated toins l this this in northern isael.
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asffedthese towns unprecented opportunity. imaging is e g scess or here a mro camer scans previsly unchted organ froin the body is psule, for example, is expected to rn givming ose $14illionvenue this year. the capsule floats thrgh a patit's small bowel srching for disease and tumors. no oer instrument can rea this organ witn the body. what isolry a pruc >> you tkehis small little pi, you swall i and it is st taking picture. it is taking them thet ,000 pic onthe urney. it's noninvasi, ea. >> reporter: gen imagis now focusing on thecolon. itscon two systems in the sting stage for f approv. 50,000ri amens die annually from ca. n beshi 90%.early, cure rate
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ghecustry is the majo eloyer in this to of 20,000. the world' ten a b hit beuse t cession. how is israel'shigh-th industry weathing this big storm? >> it'sing new cuin high techhat were formed in noveer and dember of 2008 we up dratical. and is oiously because people who lost theirobs viously thoughthis was an he kstthndf spirit that haveinsraen terms of tech and acally developi this because people see always israel is an portunity in the land of opportunity. >> reporter: deste the recessio given imaging is exs if it norpotfor this dustry, thisman would probly have left his home town translator: i realizing my drea her i' motivated i have inner peace. andspeciay odor
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>>eporter: he came on the csule production line seven years ago. now he's the caple production li maner. isel hew nat reces li oil or minerals. so companie here have invested into a newation of gined technianli this >> translar: i'm hoping for many interesting challenges in thfutee. ghech has reallyiven us ow. great portunities. optimism that's led to many small israeli towns anled to efe of the world ressn on isr that isur program foris tuesday. don'forget the a lot mrespectiv our website at
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i'm daljit dliwal in new york. we'll sue see you backere athe same time tomorrow. until then, good-bye --cans bvita -- w. ldfocus"n ovided byosinp.alteand the peter g. petersofodation, decatetoromoting fiscal responsibility and addreing key onomic chaenges facing america'future. and additi funding is provided by the owing supporters --
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